Your Personal Billboards

Good advertising costs money. At least most of the time. Custom rod builders looking for inexpensive yet productive advertising venues often overlook the walking and rolling billboards that are already in their possession – their head and their vehicle.

That’s right – every day you encounter untold numbers of folks, many of whom may be fishermen, and among them not a single one has any idea that you build custom rods. It’s not at all a stretch to suggest that every day you’re losing sales which you might have landed if only you and your potential customers had some way of identifying each other.

Take the bull by the horns and wear clothing that identifies you as a custom builder. Something as simpleas a hat or shirt with your company name or logo might be all it would take to attract the attention of a fellow fisherman.

Likewise, your vehicle is a rolling billboard, seen by perhaps hundreds if not thousands of fishermen each and every day. There are plenty of businesses these days that make inexpensive one-off signage for display on vehicle windows. If you don’t want to display it full time, consider a magnetic sign for your door or tailgate.  And… there’s always a custom state license tag to consider!

As expensive as good advertising is, it makes little sense to discount one of the most inexpensive, and possibly most effective advertising mediums available to you every day.  If you’re not taking advantage of these walking and rolling billboards, you’re missing out on one of the best advertising opportunities possible.

Tom Kirkman


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  1. John Britt on November 29, 2010 at 9:02 pm

    A couple of years ago driving up to ICRBE in a friends truck we stopped in a rest area, before we got out of the truck we had someone pull in next to us and say he saw the sign on my friends back window re his rodbuilding business while driving and followed us to the rest area to get some information re having a rod made for him,inexpensive advertising can and does work