May 2016

Show Me How To…

A few years back an advertiser told me he wanted to buy the cover of RodMaker to highlight a new product he was introducing. When I told him I didn’t sell the cover for advertising he wanted to know why. He had, after all, bought the cover of other trade magazines. I explained that RodMaker…

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Volume 19 #3

The Volume 19 #3 issue of RodMaker will mail on June 1st. Most subscribers will receive it during the 3rd week of June.

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The Custom Niche

Often there are arguments as to what constitutes a “custom rod.” Different people have different definitions and without any definitive definition from any sort of governing body or overseer, it’s fair to say that none of them are necessarily wrong. There are however, certain examples of “custom” that tend to stick with me. It’s one…

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