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Terms And Conditions Of Use

These are our terms and conditions. Please read them with care.

RodMaker Magazine is available by subscription, only, in the U.S. and valid U.S. territories and military bases. We reserve the right to refuse sales to any person, company or otherwise entity for whatever reason and also reserve the right to cancel any subscription for any reason. By subscribing you authorize RodMaker Magazine to charge the credit or debit card account designated by you. RodMaker Magazine shall have the right at any time to impose, change or modify its fees and billing methods, or other terms and conditions applicable to your use of the subscription or to impose new terms and conditions.

You may terminate a subscription at any time. To terminate a subscription you must send written notice to:

RodMaker Magazine
PO Box 1322,
High Point, NC 27262, USA.

Notices of termination sent by e-mail or by phone will not be honored. Notice of termination will be effective upon receipt by the RodMaker Magazine. Terminated subscriptions will not received refunds unless deemed suitable by the publisher and any subscriptions terminated after the first issue has been mailed to the subscriber will only be refunded on a pro-rated basis.

RodMaker subscriptions may be terminated by the publisher at any time, for any reason. The publisher will not be held liable for any refund but if given will be pro-rated based on how many magazines remain on the subscription.

RodMaker subscriptions sold by others are subject to the terms and conditions of the person/s selling such subscriptions. RodMaker Magazine is not responsible for the mailing or completion of such subscriptions sold by others.

All material presented in RodMaker Magazine is protected by copyright and and such copyright is the sole property of the publisher. No part of anything published in RodMaker may be reproduced, copied, shared or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

By subscribing to RodMaker Magazine, you hereby agree to all of the terms listed above.