Volume 13 Issue Number 5

Volume 13 Number 5, our largest ever, is scheduled to mail on October 7th. It includes more articles than any single RodMaker issue has ever featured along with more authors than ever before (including new columnists Billy Vivona and C. Boyd Pheiffer). Here’s a peek at what to expect…

Hidden In Plain Sight – Unique security identification system that a thief will never suspect. Another great custom rod feature to offer your customers. This one will have everybody talking. The possibilities are endless.

Kite Rods – Here’s a great treatise on not only how to build them, but how to incorporate them as a very profitable part of any custom rod building business.

The Sparkler Wrap – A real eye catcher with instructions on how to do it along with suggestions for modifications that can make it uniquely your own. Color photos illustrate just how striking this one really is.

An OverView of Early Rods – A unique historical piece on how fishing rods have evolved over the past  600 years. Did you know that rods were once tossed into the water and pulled around by the fish, only to be retrieved once the fish was tired?

Extend-A-Butt – The optimum butt length for casting and fish fighting is often different. Here’s one method for creating a rear grip that can be extended or retracted with few twists of the wrist.

A Simpler Cork Clamp – A simple idea creates perhaps the most simple and effective cork clamp yet.

Drying Burls – If you harvest or use burl for making seats and grips, here’s a run down of the best 3 home shop methods for drying and preparing them.

Blank Safe TipTop Removal – You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this yourself!

Hooking the Next Generation – Insight on a successful program proven to get more young people involved in custom rod building.

Fit and Finish #3 – Why perfect thread wraps are easy, and why they build consumer confidence in your craftsmanship.

History – A Simple Winder – The most popular rod wrapping tool of all time, considered the Renzetti of its day.

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If you’d like to get this issue with a new subscription, or need to renew, do so this week in order to get this exciting new issue. You’re going to enjoy it.

Tom Kirkman



  1. LarryT on September 21, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    Rodmaker has always been the leader and the best rod building magazine out there. It is rare that a company continues to improve a product when they have no real competition. The fact that you continually improve and enlarge the magazine points to your commitment to your customers. I look forward to this new issue.

  2. Wes on October 5, 2010 at 11:40 pm

    I’m in!