The “Stuff”

The amount of product at the Expo each year is simply staggering. With over 12,000 rod blanks to choose from, and many times over that in guides, grips, cork, adhesives, finishes, tools, etc., etc., etc., many builders comment that they can’t get around to seeing it all in just two days. Yes, there really is that much “stuff” on hand at the Expo.


While the following photos cannot possibly show more than a tiny bit of the product on hand, they will at least give you some idea of the items available at the Expo. If you attend, do your best to try and see it all.


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  1. Johans on February 22, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    I do not believe there will ever be anything else that even comes close to rivaling the big Expo. It is rod building Mecca to all serious custom rod builders.