The RodMaker Reception


What you can’t see in this panorama, are the folks sitting in the chairs lining the back wall from one side of the hall to the other, nor the people seated at the tables set at the back right and far left hand side of the room. One other thing you can’t see is the look of relief on my face as I realized that once again, we wouldn’t exceed the 450 person carrying capacity of the room.  But it was close, very close.


I never know beforehand just how many folks are going to show up – there is no registration required. So there’s always a bit of apprehension as subscribers start pouring into the hall. I never relax until I can see the end of the line and can then do a quick mental check to make sure that those remaining outside, will all fit, inside.


The RodMaker Reception has become a staple of the International Custom Rod Building Exposition. Held every year since since the 2nd Expo, it offers an opportunity for the magazine subscribers who are in town for the Expo to relax, meet and talk with other rod builders. They eat, drink, and have fun while hoping to win one of about 100 free door prizes. The door prizes for 2012 included a large assortment of high end rod lathes/wrappers, blanks, components, tools, etc. The odds of winning something are about 1 in 4. Not bad at all, and there is no cost to enter. Everybody gets a chance, the same chance, to win. About 100 people did just that.


There are no speeches nor presentations. Just a few quick words concerning the Expo’s opening time and perhaps a few mentions of other pertinent items. That’s it – food, fun, fellowship and lots of free stuff. RodMaker is the only entity in custom rod building that does this for it’s customers. I hope to be able to continue doing it, for a long, long while.


Tom Kirkman




  1. Ken on March 6, 2012 at 12:50 am

    You must have used a fish eye or wide angle lens. Makes the room look smaller. That was a ton of people and I was a little worried about everybody squeezing in there and not violating the fire code. Far right you can see the people still out in the lobby coming in.

    But you know it was fine and there was still enough room to mingle and move. I like the place. It’s warm and cozy and the wood absorbs the noise better than the hotel ballroom did. This place is much, much better IMO.

    Still didn’t win anything but there’s always next year. BTW the meatballs were out of this world!

  2. FB on March 8, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    I also like the Centennial Station location better than the hotel ballroom. The ballroom was louder and hard to talk to each other. The Station absorbs sound better. Just better for carrying on the many conversations we all have during the recep.