Now the Work Begins…

Putting on the International Custom Rod Building Exposition is a lot of work! But, that work is spread out over several months, beginning way back in June of the preceding year. The real work – the stuff that keeps me burning the midnight oil for several months, doesn’t start until the day after the Expo ends.

During the 4 days that I’m setting up and running the Expo, it’s business as usual at RodMaker Magazine. Just over 200 new subscriptions and renewals came in during that time. I wasn’t there to take care of them so they piled up on the old work plate.

The city convention and visitors bureau needs me to fill out some forms, which require counting and recording information from each door prize registration form. Looking at this stack, I’m guessing there’s about 3500 forms I’ll have to sort through individually. So put that on the plate, too.

On Monday morning I opened my email box to find 887 emails which came in since Thursday of last week. There’s another 49 phone messages that went unanswered. And more than a few of them are folks wanting to know why I haven’t responded to them and explained how to spine their rod or tell them where they should put their guides. They’re not happy. Add that to the plate.

I’ve got a bunch of checks to write – audio/visual gear, reception hall rental, advertising, etc.  And these folks really want their money!  Pile that on the plate as well.

Did I mention I have a magazine deadline in 6 days? The plate is really getting crowded.

No less than 5 magazines asked me for a final press release detailing the show results. Stuff is spilling off the plate now.

I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t write each exhibitor a thank you note. That’s more stuff spilling off the plate. But you can bet I’ll get that done. It’s very important in my book.

The kicker is that each day carries 8 to 10 hours in work of its own, so everything that got piled on the plate these past few days has to be done in fits and starts in-between the normal daily work load.

At this point I’m effectively 3 months behind. I know it’ll be June before I’m even remotely caught up. So, if it takes a little bit longer to process your new subscription, or I don’t answer your email right away, please be patient. I will get caught up and attend to whatever you need me to attend to – just not right away. Be patient. Thanks.

Tom Kirkman


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  1. Raymond Adams on March 2, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    When I met you last year I expected to see an eight armed & 4 legged man knowing only 1/3rd of the work you do!

    Hope you do get some “self time” soon.