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Back in 2008 I developed and copyrighted the International Symbol for Custom Rod Building. I get inquiries almost daily asking me if it’s okay to use the symbol on business cards, brochures, etc.  Well, of course!  In fact I hope rod builders from around the globe will do just that. In fact, to that end, I even put up some free artwork of the symbol on the official symbol website. Anyone is free to download and use it to their heart’s content (just don’t sell the symbol nor put it on anything intended for sale).

This past week I’ve decided to take the idea for the free artwork to a new level. I’ve begun offering additional artwork featuring the symbol on items that rod builders can use in their custom rod building businesses. We’re starting with bumper stickers.

That’s right – bumper stickers. Your vehicle and boat are seen by many hundreds if not thousands of people each week. With over 60 million fishermen in the U.S., it’s a good bet that a good many of these folks are your potential customers. But unless they have some way of knowing that you’re a custom rod builder, that market is simply going untapped.  Why not take advantage of a sales aid that won’t cost you more than a couple bucks and which would really boost your business?

Here’s a sample of the type artwork that is now being featured on the symbol website.

The artwork has been saved and loaded onto the site in reasonably high resolution jpeg format and should be suitable for good quality bumper stickers in the 8 to 10 inch wide range. Instructions on the best vinyl media and inkjet settings can also be found on the website.

Each week I’ll add a few more sales aids, all featuring the symbol, of course. And if you’d rather just browse the artwork for ideas, that’s fine too. I think we can do a great deal with this new idea and eventually have quite a repository of free rod building related artwork for everyone’s use. Enjoy!

Tom Kirkman


You can access the bumper sticker artwork here:

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  1. Bob Balcombe on November 8, 2010 at 2:01 am

    Tom that is a cool idea. Hummm I think I may have made a bad post on the one about advertising. If I can down load it for free. It is free. But I was kinda right when you state it can not be printed on any thing for resale
    Good Wraps Bob