Military Insignias

Within the past few days I was looking at this framed set of Navy Wings and it occurred to me that many rod builders might like to have weaving patterns available for the various U.S. military insignias.  I know that many builders receive requests from veterans for military themed rods. To that end, RodMaker will begin a series of articles detailing weaving patterns for these insignias in either the Volume 14 #3 or #4 issue.

Some of these insignias have changed slightly over the years while others have remained the same. We’ll do a bit of research and where changes have been made we’ll be sure to include the specific era when each variation was current.

Tom Kirkman


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  1. Paul Lindsey on April 25, 2011 at 12:50 am

    Tom thats great stuff. i was in the 82nd airbornt division in Viet-Nam and it would be great to have a patteren of it.