Living Color

The second RodMaker issue of each new year is always the most difficult one for me to put together.  The time period when I would normally hunker down and work against an approaching deadline is interrupted by the International Custom Rod Building Exposition. It takes a great deal of early mornings and late nights to beat that second issue deadline. But somehow I manage to always get it done, albeit with some regret that I wasn’t able to spend as much time on it as I might otherwise have.

This year was no different and while I wish I’d had a little more time to spend sprucing things up inside, I’m pretty sure that most subscribers will be more than a little pleased when they get it.  You see, this time out, there are no black and white photos in the magazine. Every photo is now rich, full color and printed on an even higher grade glossy stock than usual. As a local rod builder said today while examining the proof… “This thing really POPS!” He’s right – it’s brighter and better than any previous issue.

And this is only the beginning. The format change which I implemented only partially in the second issue, will be further refined and concluded in the third issue of the year. Looking at this thing, I can only wish that I’d made the switch sooner. Unfortunately, funds didn’t allow it. Now they do. What you’ll see towards the middle or end of April is the result. I think you’re going to like it, a lot.

One final mention about the Volume 14 #2 issue – this is the issue that contains the annual report and photographs from the recent Expo.  I get quite a few comments concerning the 6 to 8 pages of coverage I provide it. About half seem to love it, while the other half hates it. Either way, we only do this once per year so it’ll remain a once yearly feature. Beyond that, wait until you see what Lana Preston, Billy Vivona, Rich Forhan, Boyd Pfeiffer and a few others have been up to.  And this time, they’re all in full, living color!

Tom Kirkman


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  1. Raymond Adams on March 24, 2011 at 2:52 am

    Can’t wait to see all the eye candy! Way to go!