Edward Karacozian

Hi Tom, 

I am writing to cancel Ed’s subscription.  He passed away in his sleep last May.  He so loved Rodmaker magazine.  We have every copy he ever got.  If you have any need for back copies they are in perfect condition.  I just can’t see getting rid of such beautiful magazines.

Toni Karacozian


Ed Karacozian used to call me every so often. Although older and with problems of his own, he had taken on a personal project involving the rehabilitation of suddenly handicapped individuals. His therapy? Having them build custom fishing rods. According to Ed, it did wonders for their manual dexterity and more than a few, coming from lifelong fishing pursuits, came to really enjoy the process.


Over the years I sent Ed dozens of copies of RodMaker for use in his program. According to him, the rod builders really ate them up and always looked forward to getting a new batch.


Ed once told me that if he ever failed to renew his subscription to RodMaker it would mean that he’d died. We’d laugh about it, but now it’s come to pass. I get similar notes from many folks each year and it’s never a pleasant thing to hear of a builder’s passing, but it happens to everyone eventually.


Ed did a world of good for a lot of people out his way in California. I’m sure they’ll miss him just as much as I will.


Tom Kirkman





  1. Kyle on September 21, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    Don’t think I ever heard of him but we get so caught up in the internet rod building forums that we forget that the biggest part of the custom rod builders are the great silent majority that don’t use the forums. Sorry to hear about him and my condolences go to his wife and family.

  2. Steven Libby on September 21, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    When my brother passed away, he left behind a bunch of rod building and fly tying stuff – among which was a couple of earlier RM magazines from a friend of his, who shared in the business. It wasn’t long after reading them that I decided to give Rod Building a more serious look. I subscribed to RM, bought the rod bulding guide, initiated my 1st order for components and haven’t stopped since. It’s also naturally spun off other financially draining “hobbies” in wood-turning, knife making, pen making, lure making, plastic pouring, mold making, weaving, metal spinning, reel tuning, kayak fishing, etc, etc, etc – all the sort of things that come up in RM or on RBO that sparked even further interest; and that, much to my delight, drives my wife nuts LOL. I blame Tom. Heheheh.