Most publishers see advertising as a good thing. A very good thing. Subscription payments do little more than cover a publication’s paper, ink and postage expense. If you’re going to make any money, you’re going to do it with advertising sales. This is why most magazines are comprised of at least 50% advertising.  In some cases the total can far exceed that figure. Give it a try sometime – take your favorite fishing magazine and go through it page by page, writing down each advertisement and its size (1/4 page, 1/2 page, full page, etc.) You’ll no doubt be quite surprised to find that the actual informational content is in the minority!

RodMaker has never contained more than about 15% of its total pages in advertising. More recently, that figure has pushed towards 20% and this concerns me. Sure, I like selling advertising, but I don’t ever want to see the magazine move in a direction where it’s mostly just advertising, or anything even close to it.

Granted, the only advertising you see in RodMaker is directly related to custom rod building. It’s not like the magazine is pushing tobacco, beer, automobiles or anything else outside of rod building products. But it still worries me that we’re now leaning a little bit too much in that direction. I prefer to keep the vast majority of RodMaker’s pages devoted to rod building informational content.

To that end, I have recently placed a moratorium on any new advertising in RodMaker. I don’t like to turn companies down – it’s money I don’t make and it’s exposure they can’t get anywhere else, but in the short term the only way I know of to preserve RodMaker’s high ratio of rod building content to advertising is to close the door on any further ad sales beyond what we’re carrying now.

Of course, in the overall scheme of things, this is a very good problem to have!

Tom Kirkman

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  1. SamT on May 18, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    The magazine keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all you do for us.