Special Offer

Last week I offered a special deal on some of the earliest issues of RodMaker. Those are about gone now so this week I’ll make a similar offer on any of the later issues, from Volume 5 and up.

Here’s the deal – click on the link to the left that reads “Back Issues.”  I’ll send you any 7 issues for just $20, which includes 1st class priority mail at no additional charge. These issues are normally $7.95 each, plus another $5 for Priority mail, so you’re getting over $60 worth of magazines and shipping for just $20.

There is one minor catch, however. This is a mail order offer only. If you try to order from the website you’ll be charged the regular price. So, write down the 7 issues you want on a piece of paper, include a check or MO for $20 and mail to: RodMaker, PO Box 1322, High Point, NC 27261.

In the event that I run out of any particular issue, I will substitute. So list an 8th choice and if I have that one, I’ll send it. For now, all the issues listed on the back issue page show good stock. So those who order early will almost surely get every issue they want.

This offer is good only through April 2nd.

I’ll toss one of the International Custom Rod Building Symbol Decals in the box to boot.

Tom Kirkman