Looking Good

Depending on who you ask, the U.S. economy is either getting worse or leveling off. But almost nobody believes it’s on any sort of serious upswing. I tend to agree.


For this reason I’m actually feeling pretty darn good about the upcoming International Custom Rod Building Exposition. You see, booth sales have been exceptionally strong – there is at least some chance that this could be the very largest Expo ever! As I write this, I’m down to just a couple booths left available. Considering that I enlarged the floorplan last year, that puts the upcoming 2012 event in a pretty good light. Of course, a good half dozen companies that have committed still haven’t yet returned their contracts, so time will tell, but I have no reason to doubt these firms will follow through.


With all the uncertainty in the air, you never want to promise anything you’re not sure you can deliver. I won’t promise the Expo will be our largest ever, but I will say that things are looking very good towards that end!


Tom Kirkman