Easy “POP!”

Recently I came across a topic on the rod building portion of StripersOnline. It concerned custom EVA grips. Some of the work was stunning and reminded me that it’s not at all hard to create custom rods that really stand out from the crowd.

Far too often newcomers to the custom rod building craft think that it takes years of experience and untold practice to build rods that better the commercial variety. The fact is, while some techniques do indeed require a high level of knowledge and craftsmanship, there are many very simple techniques that can be employed to build rods that will catch anybody’s eye, and which certainly offer more “POP” than anything offered by the commercial manufacturers.

Some years back we featured an article on the basics of inlaying EVA grips with solid bands of contrasting EVA material (see photo above). Later, master rod builder and all around good guy Bernie Cohen wrote a piece on how to make picture type inlaid EVA grips. More recently, in the very next issue in fact (Volume 14 #3) you’ll be able to read how Billy Vivona goes about making his radical abstract inlaid EVA grips.

If you want a simple way to make your rods stand out from the crowd, try some work with EVA. With a plan and just a little patience, you’ll be on the way to creating some really stunning work.

Tom Kirkman