For the first time in my 63 years of life I find myself at the mercy of my eyesight. Less than 6 months ago I could still read the date on the face of a dime. My opthamologist  remarked that I might be one of those rare individuals that could possibly escape deterioration of my up-close vision right up until I leave this place. But it was not to be. Within the past 60 days my eyes have undergone a transformation which has quickly relegated me to stash a pair of reading glasses, “cheaters” in every vehicle, next to the nightstand and last but not least, on the rod wrapping bench.

Doing fine, close-up work on rods requires a much closer inspection now than previously. Even when I think something looks good, I can’t depend on what I’m seeing. Magnification and good lighting is the only way I can be sure. And guide wrapping… small guides with A thread on extremely slim tip sections has become almost a chore that I loathe to face.

What was once easy is now hard, but at least not impossible. And so I continue as millions of others before me have…