By The Numbers…

I stayed up late last night tallying Expo ticket sales and transcribing the information on the door prize registration forms. The numbers are in – Removing any duplicates, there were 3086 individual attendees at the 2011 International Custom Rod Building Exposition. I will assume that most, although not all, were custom rod builders. Against the 2010 event, Saturday saw a marked increase in attendance, while Sunday saw a slight decrease.

The door prize registration forms were more than a little interesting. In addition to providing us with information on where folks stayed and for how many nights, they provide insight into where folks travel in from. The idea that the Expo is an “east coast show” is true only insofar as its geographic location is concerned.  Over 100 builders joined us from California. Another hundred joined us from Oregon and Washington. Even greater numbers poured in from the New England, Upper Midwest and Deep South regions. We had folks from Portugal, China, South America, Canada, Australia and more. The Expo is truly international in scope.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention – just over 800 hotel room nights were sold here in High Point. A hundred more in outlying areas. The city convention bureau is very pleased.

Tom Kirkman

Other cities are lining up to pitch for hosting the Expo, while several High Point restaurants and clubs, normally open only during the International Home Furnishings Market, have inquired about opening for any future Expo held here. Interesting stuff.  More on this, later.