Business 101 – One Secret To Success

Very often I hear comments to the effect that such and such a company or person “supports” the International Custom Rod Building Expo. This is absurd. No one has ever supported the Expo – rather, it is the Expo that supports the craft and the industry. In fact, this is the secret behind it’s success.

The harsh economic reality is that no company nor person can afford to attend and display out of a desire to simply support the event. In order to stay in business, companies have to make money. In fact, the one great fallacy held by many rod building event promoters is that the companies in this industry can afford to continually invest in events that offer them little to zero chance of seeing a return on that investment.  No matter how much they might desire to do so, They won’t. They can’t.

This, then, is the secret to the success of the Expo. It is perhaps the only rod building event where companies can expect, and generally do, see an excellent to outstanding return on their investment in travel and exhibit fees. Whenever I have someone tell me that they attend and display in order to “support” the Expo, I smile because I know better. They’re not here to support the Expo – they’re here to take advantage of the tremendous marketing, advertising and sales opportunities that the Expo offers them.

Tom Kirkman