A Nice Problem To Have…

Today I received a short, heavy tube in the mail. Inside was a manuscript accompanied by two sections of rod blank upon which several new and very unique guide and inscription wraps had been made. The gentleman who sent them had asked if I might consider the article and photo for use in RodMaker. I phoned him and assured him that I’d certainly make use of them in the magazine – but not right away.


This is perhaps the biggest problem I face with RodMaker – Builders often become discouraged or disappointed if they don’t see their submission in the next available issue of RodMaker. The thing is, I receive so many articles and photos, more than a few containing really new and exciting concepts and ideas, that I just can’t get them all published very quickly.  I would have genuinely loved to publish the article mentioned in the first paragraph in the issue that mails on October 1st, but that issue, nearly done as it is, contains other equally fine concepts and methods.  So it has to wait a couple or more months.  Same with all the other many fine submissions that arrive weekly.


So I ask for patience. From my perspective, having too many articles is far better than having too few. For the readers, it ensures that each future issue will always contain something completely new and different.


Tom Kirkman