A Good Idea, part 2

Continued from yesterday…

As Tom Greek was telling me that he was dropping his collective advertising service for his organization members, I countered with an idea for doing the same thing in a manner that wouldn’t require as much of his time. Something that would be almost self supporting and require far less of his time to operate.

My idea was to shift the collective advertising and manual referral service to an online service. It would consist of a national, even worldwide database, of professional custom rod builders listed via a drop-down state by state menu. In order to be successful, of course, the service would have to be advertised in national and local print magazines. After all, fishermen interested in pursuing the purchase of a custom rod would have no idea the service was available unless they saw it advertised in the very magazines they read.

That last part, the required print advertising, was the part that Tom wanted no further part of. In his mind, it already required too much expense against too little revenue. He respectfully bowed out of any such online service and shortly thereafter handed the remnants of his original organization over to his members in the form of a simple rod building club (in time they did implement a copy of my idea, but without the print advertising required to make it effective).

As you can imagine, some of Tom’s original members, many of whom had paid $150 in yearly dues, were not too happy about the change in direction. Due to my involvement in launching and promoting the organization, they pressed me to move forward with the online referral service idea in a separate venture. On their behalf, I did so.

In 2002, Tackleworks (www.tackleworks.org) was launched. Print advertisements in several national and many local fishing publications began and continue to this day.  The service currently lists over 125 professional custom rod builders. The fee to join is minimal and is a one-time, lifetime, fee.  Quite a few members report that the service has delivered them a good deal of business. Others report that the service has delivered few or no sales leads for them.

Bottom line – Tackleworks remains a viable service and one that can and will continue to grow over time. A renewed advertising campaign is in the works and as the internet continues to see more and more growth, I believe the best Tackleworks has to offer is yet to come. Stay tuned.

Tom Kirkman