Volume 10 – 15 on CD out soon!

The long awaited electronic versions of the more recent RodMaker Volumes is underway! This one will include 6-years worth of issues, from Volume 10 thru Volume 15 (yes, that’s 6-years, not 5. Count ‘em on your fingers if you can’t make it work in your head.)


The set will include a total of 36 issues, which sell for close to $300 if you purchased them in the hard copy version. The CD containing the electronic PDF versions is expected to sell for less than $100, including shipping.


Each included issue will be an exact replica of what appeared in the hard copy versions and suitable for viewing on any computer or device that will display PDF files.


Because files intended for print and for electronic use will tend to render slightly differently, I’m having to go through, page by page, and tweak and modify certain settings. Obviously, this takes a lot of time – I’ve got almost 1500 pages to work on before I can release the CD.  But it’s going well and barring some unforeseen circumstance, I expect to have the project completed by Thanksgiving 2012. Stay tuned for the official release.


Tom Kirkman