Lawsuit Settled

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In June of 2008, the custom rod builders guild filed a false criminal complaint against me for “Repeated Use of Electronic Mail for Harassment.”  In October of 2008, having carefully reviewed the evidence, the District Attorney Office dismissed the complaint against me with a “No Crime Charged” notation.

Because the club had published notice of the complaint filing, but refused to publish notice of the complaint dismissal, I filed a suit against them in September of 2009 for Malicious Prosecution, Libel per se, Unfair Trade Practices and Civil Conspiracy.

In the interim, the club filed a counter complaint for Injunctive Relief.

After 3-1/2 years of depositions, motions, etc., my attorney was approached by the club’s legal representative asking us to consider settling the matter prior to the July trial date. After a brief period of negotiation, we accepted their monetary offer in exchange for a voluntary dismissal of the complaint against them. The matter is now concluded.

Tom Kirkman