I’ve been very pleased with the number of rod builder survey forms that have been received back over the past couple of weeks. We’re nearing the 4,000 mark and will hopefully reach the goal of 5,000 before the end of July.


The aim of the survey is to provide the industry with certain facts about the rod building craft that no one can currently verify. Things like rod building demographics – Where do most of the rod builders live? What age groups do they fall into? Which products and manufacturers are the most popular? What new products do rod builders most want to see introduced? What other field sports pursuits do custom rod builders most often participate in? What magazines do they read and/or subscribe to? How do most builders prefer to buy their blanks and components? And much more.


The answers to these questions will help the rod building industry improve and introduce new products, target the most popular types of rod building, place advertising in the publications that possess the most rod builder readership and generally focus their efforts and resources in the most productive manner possible. By taking part in this survey, you are helping the entire custom rod building craft and creating a brighter future for it.


I plan to have the final tally around the first of August. The results will be made available to the industry first, then published here in the blog for everyone else.


Tom Kirkman