Special Presentation

Several years ago while preparing for the annual International Custom Rod Building Exposition, the nice ladies who staff the Showplace facility informed me that they had recently installed three large video screens – two in the Atrium area and one in a mobile enclosure that could be placed anywhere in the exhibit hall – and they were available for our use.

For the first couple years we played a few of the commercially available rod building DVDs such as Flex Coat’s “How We Do It.” Entertaining as these were, I always felt we could make even better use of this video opportunity.

Just prior to the 2010 event, I began producing a 3-part video comprised of historical rod building items, custom rods and custom rod builders. The final product was unveiled and shown continuously at the 2010 Expo.  The response was so positive that I have decided to continue the same video series for the 2011 event.

If you would like to be included in the 2011 edition, you may send photos of your custom rod/s and/or yourself to this office at [email protected]. I’ll include everyone that wishes to participate but there are a few simple requirements you’ll have to meet in order to be included. Here we go:

1.  Obviously, the photos have to be of good quality. The video screens are large format therefore out of focus, fuzzy photos really don’t fill the bill. It goes without saying that where custom rod photos are concerned, you want to present your work in the best possible manner.  Rods photographed against a dog bed or a ratty floor mat won’t cut it. Look at the photos above to get some idea what we’re after in this regard. This is a high quality, professional presentation and there is a minimum standard we’d like to maintain. See below…

2. If sending a photograph of yourself, please make sure the International Custom Rod Building Symbol is displayed somewhere alongside yourself – on your clothing, shop wall, etc.  The two go hand in hand. See below…

3. Photos should be reasonably large. Jpeg files are fine. Minor editing can be done here.

That’s it! Send those photos in prior to January 5th in order to be included in the 2011 edition.  Every person that participates will receive a free DVD of the presentation just after the Expo debut. Send those photos to: [email protected]

Tom Kirkman



  1. Hal Lambert on December 30, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    I had the pleasure of watching most of the video during lunch at the Expo last year. Really very good stuff. All of it. Very enjoyable, entertaining and educational. The only question is, when ya gonna offer it for sale to the public!

  2. LPM on January 1, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    It was a great presentation. Not sure my photos are good quality enough to be included but will send anyway. Thanks for all you do for us.