Some Good News

About 6 weeks ago, a neighbor and very close friend of mine passed away after a two-year battle with cancer. He was highly respected by friends, family and coworkers and his death was extremely bad news for a great many people.


Fortunately, these things don’t always turn out that way.  I was relieved to get a note today from a well known rod builder (to protect his privacy I won’t mention his name) informing me that his own two-year battle with cancer has turned out in a very positive way – he’s been declared cancer free and ready to resume his rod building business.


One of his major goals these past few years has been to attend the Expo. In fact, he had made plans to attend just prior to being diagnosed originally and thus had to cancel. This was a serious variety of the disease and it appeared that he might not be around to attend any future Expo’s either. Thus, today’s note came as a real bit of good news. Not so much because he’ll finally be able to attend an Expo, but simply because he’ll be around a while longer. A lot longer I hope.


Tom Kirkman