The shooting club I belong to is comprised of just over 400 acres. An added benefit, it includes two nice ponds, one is fairly large, about 5 acres. While doing some shooting this past weekend, one of my fishing buddies decided to try his hand at some bream fishing in those ponds. He met with great success as the following photo shows.

Trooper McGinnis with a 3/4lb bream

Sometimes we forget that getting a good fight from a fish has a great deal to do with the tackle we employ. Hitting an aspirin with a .22 cal PCP tournament air rifle at 80 yards is no different than popping a 10 inch pan with a 6.5 Creedmore round at 1000 yards. It’s all about scale.


A long, 8’6” or 9” 3-weight or 4-weight fly rod against a 3/4 pound bream is just as much fun as battling far larger fish on heavier gear. And such fishing is within range of most anglers across North America, perhaps the world.


Next time you want some fun fishing without travel or great expense, think about building yourself a long, light rod and doing battle with some big bream or similar. Most commercial ultra-light gear is short and negates the leverage you want the fish to have against you.  Go long and have fun.


Tom Kirkman