Special Edition Tools, Fixtures & Shops Rod Building CD


Compiled from over 14 years of the best RodMaker articles on specialty rod building tools, jigs, fixtures and rod building shops, this CD is our largest to date. Included are plans for do-it-yourself wrappers, lathes, benches, clamps and almost any and all specialty rod building tools you can imagine. With 35 chapters and over 100 pages long, this CD will help you improve your own rod building shop and make your rod building endeavors more enjoyable than ever before.

  • Ferrule Disassembly Tool
  • Mobile Rod Building Workstation
  • Rod Shop Tours #1
  • Rod Shop Tours #2
  • A Custom, Custom Rod Shop
  • CCS Data Board Fixture
  • Make Your Own Weaving Jig
  • Reverse Pilot Point Bits
  • Sandpaper Trimmer
  • Mobile Lathe Stand
  • Shop Clamps
  • Thread Tools You Can Make
  • A vertical Cork Lathe
  • Mechanical Epoxy Mixer
  • Making Tapered Reamers
  • Self-Centering Cork Drilling Clamp
  • Building a HomeBrew Spine Finder
  • Long Foot Control Board
  • Hand Rod Wrapping Jig Plans
  • Motorized Power Wrapper Plans
  • Drying Unit for the Renzetti Lathe
  • Interior Water Break Free Tool
  • Lathe Height Adjustment Tool
  • Home Made Custom Rod Lathe
  • Spiral Wrap Demo Device
  • A Quick Rod Wrapping Bench
  • Cork Cutting Jig
  • Center Marking Tool
  • Mobile Lathe/Accessory Bench
  • Precision Turning Mandrels
  • Blank Holding Fixture
  • Dust Collection in the Rod Shop
  • Lathe Tricks
  • Precision Turning Mandrels
  • Syringe Holding Caps
  • Mobile Tool Stands
  • Shop Tricks 101
  • Automatic Cork Drilling Center Clamp

The most comprehensive work on the subject ever published, this Special Edition CD is just $29.95 and shipped postpaid. Order yours today!

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