Special Edition Guide CD

Special Edition Guide CD
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Introducing the NEW RodMaker Special Edition on rod guide sizing and  
placement, this is the most comprehensive work ever assembled on the  
subject of selecting, sizing and locating guides on your custom rods.  
A "must have" primer for any beginning rod builder and a tremendous  
resource for long time builders as well.  With this information you  
can correctly size and locate guides on any rod of any type in optimum  
fashion for maximum performance. Topics include:

• Guide Sizing - Spinning, Casting, Conventional, Fly

• Guide Placement - Spinning, Casting, Conventional, Fly

• The New Guide Concept

• 6 Spiral Wrap Methods

• The "Simple Spiral"

• Rod Spine

• Building on the Straightest Axis

• Effects of Guide Placement

The most comprehensive work on the subject ever published, this  
Special Edition CD is just $29.95 and shipped postpaid. Order yours