Prime Event Coverage

Tackle Trade World (TTW) is one of the two largest and most widely circulated fishing tackle industry trade magazines. It’s certainly a very important publication and is highly respected among companies and individuals who make their living in and around the sport fishing fishing business.

TTW mails to over 27,600 fishing tackle related businesses every month - over 11,000 of them right here in the USA.

This morning I learned that TTW plans to do a pre-show feature on the 2012 International Custom Rod Building Exposition in their February issue. This will include our floor plan, list of vendors and complete information on seminars and demonstrations.  In March, TTW will follow up with a post-show report, including photographs and comments from the event.


Generally, only the largest and most important industry events such as EFFTEX, China Fish, ICast, IFTD, etc. receive this type of pre and post event coverage from the likes of TTW. Therefore, for the International Custom Rod Building Exposition to now be included is quite an honor. Not to mention that it certainly won’t hurt our attendance!


Of course, this begs a question – The Expo is huge by rod building standards, but small by general fishing industry trade show standards. Therefore I couldn’t help but inquire why TTW had decided to give us such valuable space in their publication. Their representative quickly answered, “We consider the International Custom Rod Building Exposition to be a very important event.”


That’s good enough for me.


Tom Kirkman




  1. TedHalsher on July 28, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    The Expo transcended being just a rod building “show” long ago. It has to be considered the most important industry event for the custom rod building craft. No surprise to me that it keeps getting more good press.

  2. Richard Glabach on July 29, 2011 at 11:57 am

    Not so long ago, there was talk of not continuing the Expo. Its worth is clear, and it continues to get more attention.

    How can it be made less of a financial risk to Tom? This is a selfish question, as I would like to see the Expo continue indefinitely.

  3. WWN on July 29, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Custom rod building might be only a small part of the overall fishing tackle business but the ICRBE Expo is as well done or even more so than the big industry shows such as ICAST or the IFTD. I have attended all of them and the Expo is second to none.