New RodMaker Article Series for 2023

Two new feature article series will appear in all 2023 issues of RodMaker. First up is a completely new series of Magic Wand articles by Rich Forhan. This time, however, Rich will be focusing on saltwater rods (yes, he’s an avid saltwater fisherman as well!). His freshwater series was so well received over the past couple years that he offered to go further and take the same informative, concise and well written approach to popular saltwater type rods. The first two articles, to appear in the Volume 26 #1 issue due out in February, will be the Ocean Bottom Fishing Rod and the Salmon Mooching Rod.  Just like anything Rich has ever written for us, this should be some good stuff.

Another new feature comes to us from a gentleman named Charles Isley who has offered to write a series of articles on Classic Rod Blank Specs. The angle here is to provide CCS AA and ERN figures for many older, discontinued but still very popular rod blanks in the hopes that it could help modern rod builders find suitable if not very close to exact replacements. He’s going to start us off with some numbers for SC4 St. Croix rods, turn of the century G. Loomis blanks and some classic Fenwick glass rod blanks from the 1980’s and 1990’s! Look for his first articles in the same Volume 26 #1 issue that the new Magic Wand series will debut in.