Email Subject Line…

Statistics vary, but the general consensus is that most folks receive an average of about 85 junk or spam emails per day.  I receive considerably more – often as many as 350 in a single 24 hour time period. I mention this because I don’t bother reading them. In fact, I don’t even open them. (In fact, I’ve always wondered why so many folks bother opening and reading email from persons they don’t know about subjects that are so obviously spam related.)


When I scan my email inbox, I skip right over any email that doesn’t have a subject line relating directly in some way to the magazine, Expo, forum, etc.  I’m forced to do this, otherwise I’d get nothing done in a day’s time for opening and bothering with junk and spam.  So such emails, that don’t seem to have anything at all to do with my business, are batch deleted without my ever having even looked inside to see what they contain. Takes about 5 seconds to rid myself of each and every one of them.


I mention this because at least some of the many subscribers, readers, forum users, etc., don’t bother to put anything in the subject line of the emails they send me. Or they use such a generic subject that their email is apt to find itself swept out with the spam.


Maintaining an open line of communication with my customers is important. But helping them requires that they help me a little bit, too.  If you find yourself needing to email me about a subscription, registration, Expo matter, etc., etc., please take just a few seconds and provide a little bit of information in your email subject line. That will ensure that your comment or concern receives my attention, instead of quickly getting the boot. Thanks.


Tom Kirkman