Cross Wrapping Secrets

Learning the basics of decorative cross wrapping isn’t difficult. What is often difficult, however, is creating precise decorative cross wraps. Many aspiring thread artists, even those with a firm grasp of how various wraps are made, struggle with getting everything perfect, square and precise. And make no mistake, a tight, precise cross wrap will outshine a wavering, off-center wrap every time.

Few thread artists can create decorative cross wraps that are as precise as those done by Steven Paterson. According to Steve, there is a way to ensure that you get perfect cross wraps every time, and it doesn’t require any sort of “taper offset spacing.”

To that end, Steve will be on the seminar team at the fast approaching International Custom Rod Building Exposition on February 25 & 26. His presentation, “Decorative Cross Wrapping Secrets” will take place on Sunday morning (the 26th) and should be a boon to any thread artist that wants to take his or her wrapping skills to the next level.


Yes, you can do this!

And to that end, Billy Vivona will be presenting “Basic Decorative Cross Wrapping” on Saturday morning (the 25th). Here’s your chance to not only learn the basics of how to perform any cross wrap, but learn to do them all perfectly as well. Don’t miss this unique opportunity.


Tom Kirkman