Got a note from Greg Stotesbury at AFTCO Mfg. last week asking me why AFTCO wasn’t on the list of exhibitors for the upcoming 2012 International Custom Rod Building Exposition. After all, AFTCO was among the very first to purchase booth space for the event. The reason was that I simply made a mistake and omitted them – something I’ll now correct below with my sincere apology  for the omission:


Exhibitors for the 2012 International Custom Rod Building Exposition


 As of October 15th, 2011




American Tackle


Angler’s Envy


Angler’s Resource (Fuji)


Angler’s Roost




Bingham Enterprises


Decal Connection




Hydra Fishing, LLC


Jim Upton Weaving


Ken and Lana Preston Rods


Lamiglas, Inc.


Mar Ktruz LDA Cork


Mickels Custom Rods


Mud Hole Custom Tackle


NERBS – Northeast Rod Builders


North Fork Composites


Renzetti, Inc.




RodMaker Magazine


Schlesinger Wood Turning


Seeker Rod Company


Skin Shop USA


St. Croix Rods


Sticks ‘N Bones




Talon Graphite


Tiage USA


Trondak U-40


Woodworkers Shop


More TBA by October 20th, 2011