Composite Forge

Back in 2020, I received a phone call from Frank-Paul King, the President of TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters). He explained that he was considering bringing TFO’s blank and rod manufacturing back to the USA but in order to be cost competitive with the products being sourced offshore, he’d need to the right program and just as importantly, the right guy to go about developing a state of the art factory with modern, cost effective manufacturing processes. My mind instantly turned to Bob Penicka, the driving force behind Axiom-North America. Bob had told me a few months earlier that he was preparing to sell his stake in Axiom and possibly move on to something else, or even just retire. I figured he was the guy that Frank-Paul needed to talk to. I had many conversations with Bob prior to bringing his Rodgeeks brand to market and was impressed how he never got ahead of himself; never promised or announced anything until it was all actually ready to go. When he made the announcement he hit the ground running and the rest is history.

Fast forward to earlier this month (May 2022) and I got another call from Frank-Paul. He said he wanted to thank me for getting him together with Bob and that they had not only started a new company to build domestic product for TFO, but assembled a facility and personnel to allow them to build similar domestic product for other USA rod and blank companies. And the new company, Composite Forge, LLC, has also hit the ground running. Today marked the official announcement for the opening of the new firm. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, that these two gentlemen will deliver as promised and at prices that just might make USA rod and blank manufacturing competitive again.

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