Almost Full…

Spent the better part of today working on the floor plan for the upcoming International Custom Rod Building Expositionthe World’s largest event for the rod building craft and industry.


Even with a continued down economy, we’re down to just 8 booths left unsold! I’m releasing those to companies on the waiting list and thus expect we’ll be fully sold out in about another 2 weeks or so.


Following is the current list of Expo exhibitors as of November 26th:




American Tackle


Angler’s Envy 


Angler’s Resource (Fuji)


Angler’s Roost




Bingham Enterprises


Decal Connection 




Hydra Fishing, LLC 


Jim Upton Weaving 


Ken and Lana Preston Rods 


Lamiglas, Inc.


Mar Ktruz LDA Cork


Mickels Custom Rods 


Mud Hole Custom Tackle


NERBS – Northeast Rod Builders 


North Fork Composites


Pacific Bay, Inc. 


Renzetti, Inc.


Riley Rods 




RodMaker Magazine


Schlesinger Wood Turning


Seeker Rod Company 


Skin Shop USA


St. Croix Rods 


Sticks ‘N Bones 




Talon Graphite 


Tiage USA


Trondak U-40 


Woodworkers Shop 


  1. Pete on November 28, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    Great line up again. We had considered staying home in TX this year because were told there was going to be a rod building show here. But so far mums the word on vendors. They say its a “secret”! No idea but plan to make reservations for the expo this week. Its become a yearly vacation for us.

  2. Hunter12 on November 28, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Glad to see Rileys back on the list. Thought they weren’t gonna make it this year! If the wood guy going to be there again? KFandB or something?