A Little Bad News

For those of you who like picking through back issues of RodMaker at the Expo each year, I regret to inform you that we’ve had so many new companies sign on for the 2012 event that I had to make the decision to leave RodMaker Magazine out of the exhibit hall this year.


Each year things get a little tighter and we come closer to squeezing in all the booths that can reasonably fit in the 40,000 square foot hall. With the continued growth I knew this was going to happen at some point or another and 2012 seems to be the year we finally experienced some “spillage.”


Of course the good news is that in place of RodMaker we’ll have additional new companies exhibiting for the very first time. I’ve also added an entirely new row of booths along one end of the exhibit hall. That row will also be filled with new companies, several of which tell me that they’re bringing new, recently patented rod building products to show off.


So the exhibit hall loses a little on one end in order to gain a great deal on the other. I think it was a pretty good trade-off. In fact, at this point in time, it appears that we’re looking at the very largest Expo in history!


Oh, one last thing. The RodMaker booths will still be at the Expo, just not in the exhibit hall. Look for them in the Atrium, directly behind the ticket counter area.


Tom Kirkman