A Fun Time

I have been fortunate enough to fish all over the world. I’ve taken Blue Marlin (a 650+ pounder), Tuna, Swordfish, Cobia (a 72 pounder), Wahoo, etc., etc., but my favorite fishing is fly rodding for smallmouth bass on mountain rivers. I like being in the water. I like the fight of a smallmouth on a light, 5-weight fly rod.

This past weekend was spent in Virginia where Rodney and I took well over 150 fish between us in. The largest was about 6 pounds, although most were around 2 pounds (photo), and simply none under a pound. The water was clear and high, tremendous flow, but the fish apparently found it to their liking. The best part was that all were very solid, fat little fish that put up a tremendous fight on the fly rod. They appear to have been feeding quite well. Water is still a bit cool (62F), but this only made them fight harder and longer.

There are bigger fish in the world, but few are as much fun for the effort involved.  And yes, all were released quickly and in good shape.

Tom Kirkman