2013 Expo Floor Plan

The 2013 International Custom Rod Building Exposition floor plan is now set.


It features 91 booth spaces and the largest total seminar area in the event’s history. Hopefully we can alleviate some of the crowding we’ve had to deal with at many of the Expo’s most popular seminars (see below). Folks that have never attended the Expo still have a hard time comprehending the breadth and scope of a truly international rod building event!


We have also added a casting lane, although with 17 foot ceilings it will not be totally appropriate for long distance spinning or casting outfits. Fly casting, flipping, pitching, etc., will be easily accommodated indoors now, however.

Aisles will be standard consumer show width, at about 10 to 12 feet. Obviously this will be less than half the widths of the aisles we’ve enjoyed at the Showplace the past 6 years and will make crowd movement a bit less convenient, but the overall size of the hall is larger and will allow us to accommodate a few more exhibitors. A decent trade-off in my estimation.

I have already received a few contracts back in the mail this week, so starting late next week I’ll begin adding exhibitors to the list on the event website. The Expo will once again be the largest event for custom rod builders anywhere in the world, by a wide, wide margin. Hope to see you there.

Tom Kirkman