1434 Days in a Row

In August of 2007, in the Volume 11 #4 issue of RodMaker Magazine, subscribers got a surprise along with a free gift – a high quality window decal featuring the brand new International Symbol for Custom Rod Building.


Non-subscribers weren’t left out, however, as I quickly put up a website with information on how they could obtain their own decal featuring the symbol, free, for nothing more than an SASE.


Interestingly, since that time nearly 4 years ago, not a single day has gone by without there being at least one request for the decal in my PO Box (yes, main office locations still put up mail on weekends and holidays). Some days there will be several, other days just a few, but always at least one. Until today, however…


That’s right, for exactly 1434 days in a row, I have received at least one SASE requesting the free decal. Today, however, there was not a single SASE in my box.


This won’t be the end of it – I’ll get more requests right on along, but perhaps a bit more sporadically. At any rate, with the ones mailed in the magazine, given away at the Expo and those returned in SASE requests, we’ve now given away almost 60,000 free decals featuring the symbol. Of course, some guys have two, or perhaps even three. Still, a pretty strong showing for something a lot of folks didn’t think would ever catch on.


Tom Kirkman